Arby’s boneless wings [Updated 2022]

Arby’s boneless wings

The most traditional Arby’s boneless wings are now offered by Arby’s along with the historic reintroduction of boneless wings. Customers may now order the chain’s Buffalo Boneless Wings, which are prepared with all-white flesh chicken, and Hot Honey Sauce, both of which come with crispy breading.

The ingredients for the Hot Honey Sauce are honey, lime, and other smokey tastes, with peppers added for a spicy bite. Cayenne pepper sauce and melted butter are combined to create the proper amount of heat and creaminess in the Buffalo sauce.

Arby's boneless wings [Updated 2022]

A boneless chicken wing sounds a little unsettling when taken literally. Like, somewhere in a dark, underground lab, the Arby’s poultry researchers discovered a technique to make a chicken that is entirely amorphous. These “wings” are actually its pathetic, boneless arms. Of course, anyone who has ever spent a Sunday watching football with someone who only eats white meat is aware that boneless wings are actually a bizarre relative of the chicken tender and chicken nugget rather than actual wings. Or, to quote Jimmy Yang, a comedian, “They are little white flesh lies,” as he put it in Bon Appetit.

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Arby's boneless wings [Updated 2022]

Arby's boneless wings [Updated 2022]

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The most recent time-limited offering from Arby is these brand-new Boneless Wings. The Wings are available in 6- and 9-piece packages and come in the flavours Buffalo and Hot Honey.

A cursory look at the “Wings” reveals that they are really nothing more than a sauced-up version of the Chicken Nuggets from June, which were really Chicken Tenders from August 2020 reimagined. That’s hardly a criticism, though; I really liked both of those Arby’s menu items. Here, the heavier breading is satisfyingly crispy and there is undeniably true white meat chicken. Well, as one might anticipate, the copious saucing generally results in some noticeable mushiness.

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