Arby’s vegetarian [Updated 2022]

Arby’s vegetarian

Today I will tell you about Arby’s vegetarian Are you hungry and want to order something, and do you want us to get everything at home? Well, you can order whatever you want, but I suggest you order a Arby’s Menu with Prices. It’s a lot of fun. So you have come to the right place and you can order directly from here by checking the Arby’s Menu with Prices. The order will reach you within 30 minutes.

The list below contains popular fast food restaurants’ vegetarian and vegan menu options. Dairy and egg products are included because lacto- or lacto-ovo vegetarians consume them. Vegan items—those without any discernible animal products—are identified. Despite being typically regarded as vegetarian, French fries and other fried foods may be prepared in the same oil as fish or poultry. To find out if there’s a chance of cross-contamination, ask the restaurant manager.

Arby's vegetarian [Updated 2022]

The menu selections for prominent fast food joints that are vegetarian and vegan are shown below. Since dairy and egg products are eaten by lacto- or lacto-ovo vegetarians, they are included. Items marked as vegan are ones that clearly don’t include any animal ingredients. French fries and other fried dishes may be produced in the same oil as fish or chicken, despite the fact that they are often thought of as vegetarian. Ask the restaurant management if there’s a possibility of cross-contamination.

  • Apple slices (vegan)
  • Side salad without cheese, no dressing
  • Homestyle fries (although cooked in a shared fryer with fish and chicken products)
  • Crispy onions (although cooked in a shared fryer with fish and chicken products)
  • Light Italian dressing
  • Balsamic vinaigrette
  • Marinara sauce
  • Bronco berry sauce

Vegetarian options include:

  • Garlic Parmesan chips (dairy)
  • French toast sticks (dairy and eggs)
  • Curly fries (milk and eggs)
  • Potato cakes (milk and eggs)
  • Onion rings (milk)
  • Mozzarella sticks (milk)
  • Jalapeño bites (milk)
  • All shakes (milk)
  • Side salad with cheese (dairy)
  • Triple chocolate cookie (eggs and dairy)
  • Apple crisp (dairy and eggs)
  • Apple turnover (dairy and eggs)
  • Cherry turnover (dairy and eggs)
  • Honey mustard dressing (eggs)
  • Buttermilk ranch dressing (dairy and eggs)
  • All soft drinks
  • Coffee
  • Orange juice

Burger King

Burger King offers a variety of options for vegetarians who want to “have it their way.” You should be informed that all fried vegan alternatives are prepared in a shared fryer with fish and fowl. Options for vegans include:

  • French fries
  • Hash browns
  • Quaker Oatmeal original or maple flavor (vegan when made with water)
  • French toast sticks
  • Apple slices
  • Applesauce
  • Garden side salad without cheese
  • Apple juice

Vegetarian options include:

  • Egg and cheese muffin, biscuit or croissant (eggs and dairy)
  • French toast sticks (eggs and dairy)
  • BK veggie burger (contains eggs and dairy)
  • Morningstar veggie burger (eggs and dairy)
  • Garden salad with cheese (dairy)
  • Onion rings (dairy)
  • Cheesy tots (dairy)
  • Pancakes (contains eggs and dairy)
  • Egg and cheese Croissanwich (eggs and dairy)
  • Cinnamon roll (contains eggs and dairy)
  • Milk
  • Shakes (dairy)
  • Sundaes (dairy)
  • Chocolate chip cookie (eggs and dairy)
  • Smoothies and frappes (dairy)
Vegans should note fried foods are cooked in a shared fryer with fish and chicken. Vegan items include:
  • Criss-cut fries
  • Natural cut fries
  • Side of beans, no cheese
  • Chips and salsa or guacamole (vegan)
  • Side salad, no cheese or dressing
  • Hash brown nuggets
  • Low-fat balsamic dressing
  • Sweet and bold BBQ dipping sauce
  • Spicy buffalo dipping sauce
  • Soft drinks

Vegetarian items include:

  • Bean and cheese burrito (dairy)
  • Cheese quesadilla (dairy and eggs)
  • Side of beans with cheese (dairy)
  • Onion rings (dairy)
  • Fried zucchini (dairy)
  • Jalapeño poppers (dairy)
  • Side salad with cheese (dairy)
  • Biscuit (contains dairy)
  • House dressing (dairy and eggs)
  • Blue cheese dressing (dairy and eggs)
  • Buttermilk ranch dipping sauce (dairy and eggs)
  • Chocolate chip cookie (dairy and eggs)
  • Strawberry swirl cheesecake (dairy and eggs)
  • Chocolate cake (dairy and eggs)
  • Shakes (dairy)
  • Malts (dairy)

Arby's vegetarian [Updated 2022]

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